Zamil Mermaid Offshore Services Company ("ZMOS") is an incorporated joint venture organised under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between Zamil Offshore Services Company ("ZAMIL") and Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited ("MERMAID").

For background, ZAMIL, a market leader in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an owner of over 60+ specialized offshore support vessels, with most vessels on long-term charter to Saudi Arabian Oil Company ("SAUDI ARAMCO"), whereas MERMAID is incorporated in the Kingdom of Thailand, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (having the stock symbol DU4), and is comprised of two (2) business units being Mermaid Drilling Ltd, which specialises in tender drilling services ("Drilling Services"), and Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd, which specialises in subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance services, light infrastructure construction services, emergency repair and call out services, deep water remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)for support and salvage works ("Offshore Services"). MERMAID's through its Offshore Services business unit owns eight (8) subsea vessels, along with five (5) saturation diving systems, ten (10) offshore air diving systems, and twelve (12) ROVs. MERMAID's Offshore Services business unit is largely led by its subsidiary, Subtech Ltd, which is primarily based in the State of Qatar and working through a Qatari based entity, Subtech Qatar Diving and Marine Services (and together with Subtech Ltd., collectively forms the "SUBTECH GROUP"). The SUBTECH GROUP is a turnkey subsea engineering service provider dedicated to providing an efficient, cost effective and high quality service to the offshore oil and gas sector.

The collaboration between ZAMIL and MERMAID is a true synergy of talents bringing together ZAMIL's offshore marine and vessel management capabilities with that of MERMAID's (through its SUBTECH GROUP) capabilities related to diving (air and saturation), inspection, repair and maintenance subsea engineering services in support of the offshore oil and gas sector. ZMOS was formed to focus on the Saudi Arabian market, and is being managed by the SUBTECH GROUP." Given SUBTECH GROUP's strong experience in the Middle East, ZMOS is poised to be a leader in providing offshore, subsea engineering solutions to SAUDI ARMACO.

Presented below are the corporate relationships between ZMOS, ZAMIL and SUBTECH demonstrating the close operational connection between ZMOS's subsea operations and the existing SUBTECH infrastructure.

This is followed by the corporate structure that Subtech has committed to ZMOS in Saudi Arabia.

  • Call Out Dive Control Unit

  • KMB 18 Dive mask Specifications sheet

  • KMB 36 Dive hat Specifications sheet

  • Buckley's Bathycorrometer

  • Cygnus Underwater UT

  • Scumpi MPI unit